Ice Western

Industrial Cooling


ICE WESTERN provides a complete line of industrial cooling units for industrial and institutional users. With over 50 years of proven service to the oil and gas companies in Northern Alberta and BC, ICE Western has provided the highest levels of construction and product innovation to serve our customers. Highly customized units are designed to meet the specific needs of the end user. Standard product offering range from 600 CFM to 70,000 CFM and 1 Ton to 180 Ton nominal DX cooling capacity but can be designed for much larger capacities. Units are available in a wide array of ozone friendly refrigerants. (410a, 407c, 134a)

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Units are customized and constructed to meet harshest environments. Units are designed and selected for specific capacities and airflow best suited for specific MCC Buildings, Electrical Substations, etc. These custom units can be provided with evaporator and condensing coils with Heresite or other specific epoxy coatings. All the copper piping throughout the unit are also coated with Heresite. Stainless steel tubing is also an available option for piping between coils and compressors. Any requirement of the consultant, end user, and on site conditions are carefully considered during the design and selection of each unit. Units can be provided for year round operating to provide operation down to -50°F utilizing heated receivers, hot gas bypass, and head master controls. Filtration is also a major consideration in these applications. ICE Western offers filtration from 2” Merv 8 pleated filters to 99.999% HEPA filters, and also provide TYPE IV 304 stainless steel adsorber cells with media specifically selected for contaminates.

Evaporators and condenser coils are often selected with fin counts of 8 FPI to facilitate proper cleaning and maintenance of the coils in these harsh environments. Units are also available for the projects which require make-up air at 39°F leaving air temperatures year round. This medium temperature application requires the cooling capability to take air from 90+°F on the hottest days down to 39°F and still have the unloading capacity to drop the air temperature from (40°F to 39°F, and all temperature in between).

The cooling provides the highest efficiencies (EER) in the industry by utilizing digital scroll compressors, digital superheat controller, electronic expansion valves, and variable speed condenser fans (floating head design). Cooling has been energy performance verified by Intertek / ETL to standard CSA C746:2006 and AHRI 340/360:2007

Units are equipped with Digital scroll compressors complete with rotolock valves set on vibration isolators within a compressor vestibule adjacent to the evaporator header. All the refrigeration valves and controls are also located in the vestibule. All access doors are double wall hinged access doors with premium handles for easy access to all parts for service and maintenance.

ICE Western is the only company in North America that manufactures and sells ICE products.

Beware of companies claiming to be affiliated with ICE that do not sell ICE manufactured products. ICE Western is not affiliated with ICE Northern Sales in Edmonton, Alberta.