About Us

ICE Western started back in 1991 as a custom division of ICE Manufacturing Ltd. in Winnipeg, Manitoba, which has its roots tracing back to 1961. ICE Western’s purpose was to take on the production of highly complex HVAC units not suited for the production lines at the main plant in Winnipeg. Over the years sales have increased dramatically and now ICE Western has a state of the art industrial manufacturing facility located on 5 acres in South Foothills Industrial Park, Calgary, Alberta.

ICE Western HQ

ICE Western’s Capabilities and Philosophy
Top Management at ICE Western has over 25 years of HVAC and Refrigeration experience which has led the way to many new innovations. ICE Western utilizes the latest technological advances to provide its products with the highest possible efficiency and performance in the industry.

ICE Western also has a team of journeymen mechanics dedicated to the after sale support of its products to the customers.

“We service what we sell.”

It is the dedication to give our customers the custom products they want and need plus backing them up with the service support which has allowed our continuous growth and product innovation.

ICE Western HQ

Contact our HQ

9765 – 54th Street S.E
Calgary, AB T2C 5J6

Phone: 403-252-5577
Fax: 403-252-5556

Titan Matrix

Established in 2021, Titan Matrix is a Division of ICE Western Sales.

WE focus on building unit that is being utilized for Crypto Mining and also Data Centers Units. Visit us at https://www.titanmatrix.net 

Titan Matrix

ICE Western is the only company in North America that manufactures and sells ICE products.

Beware of companies claiming to be affiliated with ICE that do not sell ICE manufactured products. ICE Western is not affiliated with ICE Northern Sales in Edmonton, Alberta.